Project Peace 2020!

Fundraiser by Stefanie

This fundraiser supports Church Planter Support ($150 per month)

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$4,380 raised
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About This Fundraiser

Hi! This is the brickey family! We are trying to raise $7,700 to support 77 pastors and their families that are seriously sacrificing everything to spread the good news. they deserve so much more! help us reach our goal! any donation from $1 to $1,000 matters. Much love, - the brickey's

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About Church Planter Support ($150 per month)

Indigenous church planters are Christ’s hands and feet to the many people and villages of northern India. After training at the Great Commission Training School, men and women are commissioned as church planters and become responsible for sharing the Gospel with villagers and implementing a variety of evangelistic tools with the aim of planting house churches and cultivating the soil of transformation. For $150 a month or $1,800 a year, you can support a church planter and his or her family. Church planters are responsible for five villages.

GOAL: Support 40 church planters.

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