Transform a Village ($2,800 per village)

Transform a Village ($2,800 per village)

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How You Can Help

One-Time Donation - Empower a Village

One-Time Donation - Empower a Village

Empower 1 village for 1 year.

Monthly Donation - Empower a Village

Monthly Donation - Empower a Village

Donate monthly to empower 1 village.

One-Time Donation

One-Time Donation

About This Project

You can help plant a church and transform one of 45,103 villages in Bihar by partnering with us to provide holistic community development to an entire village. When you give $2,800, Transformation 1040 will equip a village with a fresh water well, literacy training for children, a bicycle for the church planter, Bibles and hymnals and a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for villagers.

GOAL: Transform 25 new villages.


Project Owner

Transformation 1040

Transformation 1040 is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization with a growing community of churches and individuals in the U.S. who partner with local church planters in India to bring spiritual, social and economic transformation to the poorest parts of India, particularly the state of Bihar.

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    209 E. Liberty
    Wheaton, Illinois 60187

  • Phone 630.580.5663
  • Fax 630.580.5757

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